Thursday, 12 March 2015


Dance has been a way of life for me since I can recall. 
An influence so strong that required me to accommodate everything else in life around it. An influence I will forever cherish, regard, respect and nurture, for it gives me an identity....a unique identity which I would never have otherwise. An identity which in turn influences me to write my very first blog post (after a long hiatus) about dance.

As a student of Bharatanatyam for 18 years, and a performer for 9 years { Rangapravesha (solo dance debut recital) onwards } , I have known dance to be my God, my best friend, my beloved, a source of solace, a boss, a fitness instructor and what not ? To an extent, dance is personified in my life, always present, sometimes apparent. 

2015 started off on a busy, "dancy" note for me. Eight performances in two months, 5 of which were outstation involved a lot of travel, and more interestingly a lot of practice. Just for my record, the performances were at :
  • Jan 8th - Karur Natyanjali, Karur
  • Jan 13th - Shantala Nrithya Vaibhava, Bangalore
  • Jan 24th - Nrithyamrutham, Mangalore
  • Jan 29th - Nada Neerajanam, Tirumala Tirupathi Devasathanams
  • Feb 7th - Keremane Shambhu Hegde Rashtriya Natyotsav, Honnavara
  • Feb 17th - Rajarajeshwari Nagar Cultural Association, Bangalore
  • Feb 20th - Parthasarathy Swamy Sabha, Chennai
  • Feb 25th - Yuva Sourabha, Bangalore

You could view excerpts from my feature "LAKSHANA - The Enigmatic Feminine" presented at the last two recitals on this link :

I was also pleasantly surprised to find a video uploaded on Youtube by one of the Mangalore audience members, which you could view on this link :
                             Nrithyamrutham - Mangalore

Travelling is one of the best aspects of a performer's life. Meeting new people is something I have always enjoyed, and maybe the experiences in the aforementioned performances could make a blog post by itself. 
Dance is indeed an identity which I am (and I'm sure most dancers are) fortunate and blessed to have.

But....What happens when you have an identity so strong that you forget who you are ???

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